K-35 briefly in English

K-35 is a culture house aimed exclusively at people over 35 years of age in Itäkeskus in Helsinki. The activity is peer-led and free-of-charge, and the aim of the activity is to strengthen the well-being of the participants through cultural means. K-35 is a discrimination-free zone and a safe community where everyone is welcome and where you don’t have to be alone.
You can explore new things to get excited about together with other visitors. In the cultural workshop you can write, play games, draw, sing, go on excursions or produce digital content, for example. You can organize and participate in events and parties. You may contribute and affect the activities of the workshop and participate in peer tutor training, if you wish.

To whom?

Lilinkoti foundation’s three-year project is financed by STEA. K-35 is part of the cultural workshop network, and it is the first workshop intended only for people over 35 years of age. Visitors who have faced mental health challenges or are in a challenging life situation can participate in group activities guided by trained volunteer peer tutors supported by employees. The main objective of the project is to increase social relations and community spirit, to learn new information and skills, to strengthen digital promotion and promotion of equality.

How to participate in the activity?

On Monday and Tuesday mornings, the cultural workshop has an open cafe, where you can show up without prior registration. If those times are not suitable, you may contact the employees and arrange a visit. You can see our full program on our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and you can also join our mailing list, in which case you will receive current information directly to your email. You can also follow our activities on our Tik Tok account.

Peer support

The operation of the culture house is based on guided functional peer support, with the focus on doing and learning together and gaining new experiences. The activity is guided and developed by peer tutors. The activities and groups of the cultural workshop are based on the wishes and interests of the participants and peer tutors. The employees support the operation of the workshop and organize training, mentoring and recreation for the peer tutors.

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